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Words Make the Difference

Enrich Your Marketing With the Right Words

Ready to gain an unbelievable advantage over your competition? The words you use on your website and marketing materials matter and often make the difference between success and mediocre results.

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We’ll help you craft the right message and use the right words to turn your website from an online business card to an online sales rep.

Design Appeals… But Words Sell!

The way your marketing looks is important. A well-designed website or social media presence builds trust quickly, allowing your prospective customers to move closer towards becoming a paying customer.

But while great design is important, it’s essential to recognize that design is only one piece of the marketing puzzle. Relying on design alone would be like trying to make sense of a map with only the drawings and not the words.

The words you use in your marketing (often referred to as “copy”) are what convince people to “take action” and purchase your product or service.

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Can’t I Write The Words Myself?

This is such a critical question because the answer is: it depends.

You could do your own books, but chances are you have an accountant (or an entire accounting department). You could answer your own phones, but you hired a receptionist or administrator to field calls and schedule appointments. Or you could make all the sales calls yourself, but you decided to bring on a sales person instead.

In all honesty, it’s not that you can’t write your own marketing copy.
You know your business better than anyone, after all.

But at a certain stage of business, you realize the need to delegate tasks to other experts. That’s why you hired an accountant, an administrator, or a sales person. It’s not that you can’t do those jobs well. It’s that perhaps you shouldn’t.

What Is Content Marketing?

Put simply, content marketing is about showcasing your expertise and providing “value up front” for prospective customers. Typically, this type of content marketing consists of:


Blog Articles

Social Media Posts

Video Series

Podcast Episodes

An eBook

These types of content are often called “inbound marketing” because they attract customers by providing helpful information at the exact moment the prospective customer is looking for it.


While you may know the questions (and answers) your prospects are searching for, a copywriter is the expert that knows how to craft the words properly and effectively to turn those prospects into customers.

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How To Get In Front Of 75% Of Your Customers In Your Area In 30 Days Or Less

Hyper-local SEO takes your little fish status out of the big pond and plops you in a more realistically sized pool. Most small businesses rely on local customers to grow, the benefits of local SEO are undeniable.

In under 6 minutes you can learn:

  • Does SEO really matter for Local Businesses?
  • What is Google Map Pack?
  • How to leverage Google My Business

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