Jan 23, 2017

4 Essential Ways to Boost Your Business Using Buyer Personas

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4 Essential Ways to Boost Your Business Using Buyer Personas - JJ Social Light - Altlanta, GA

In our last blog, we explained the importance of using buyer personas. Now, we’re going to show you how to put them to work. You can apply the knowledge you gain from creating buyer personas to many areas of your marketing efforts, but these four are the easiest to implement and can set the foundation for better-targeted campaigns.

1. Put Customers in the Right Funnel

If you’re using sales funnels (and you should be), it may be easy to split up your customers into categories. For example, if you run a peer-to-peer marketplace, you’d have funnels designed for buyers and some for sellers. Your buyer personas take this to a new level. You can target your funnels to what motivates the customer more (value, price, brand identity, etc.), and create content that’s likely to convert.

2. Be Where They Are

Your buyer persona is a 25-year-old named “Amanda.” She’s tech savvy and has money to buy your product. Where is she going to be? Snapchat! If Amanda was a few years older, you’d probably find her on Facebook instead. With this information, you can focus your efforts on creating a social media presence where your customers already are, so you get maximum impact without having to run on 20 different networks. You can also use the data to determine which channels to advertise on and save money by hammering down your demographics for ads, so you aren’t paying money for non-customers to see them.

3. Talk Like They Do

Do you sit on a sofa or a couch? Do you drink a cola, Coke, pop, or soda? Do you have a spouse, boy/girlfriend, significant other, or a bae? Using the right terminology matters when you try to connect with your consumers in any form of content or through conversations. It also makes a difference in how they use search engines. For example, Amanda might look up the phrase “toothache dentist” if she has a toothache. Her father, who has previously had a tooth abscess, would probably know he needs to look for an “endodontist.” If you’re doing marketing for an endodontist and want Amanda to be your patient, you should be optimizing your site for “toothache dentist,” too.

4. Use the Technology They Do

It almost goes without saying that most sites need to be mobile-friendly these days, but understanding how tech-savvy and how well your buyer persona has adapted to technology should be represented in your marketing. For example, let’s say you run a nursing home and want to book more rooms. “Betty,” your 76-year-old potential client probably isn’t going to break out her iPhone and run a search. If she’s savvy, she’ll turn on a desktop and do some research. Her son, “Larry,” is a 43-year-old business professional. Larry may use a desktop or run a search on his mobile between meetings and while he’s waiting in line if he wants to help his mom find a good place. On the other hand, maybe Betty is in the hospital and needs to be transferred. Perhaps she has a wonderful caregiver named “Monique” who has some spare time and sits next to Betty’s bed and shows her some options using her iPhone.

Each of these people needs a different message. Maybe Betty needs to hear how her autonomy will be protected and would love to have some papers mailed to her about potential residences, while Larry needs to hear that his mom will be looked after well and will probably sign up on an email list for more info about the places he likes, and Monique is just scanning by zip code and number of stars. You can capture all of these people, but the method you’ll have to use is different. You can determine which methods work based on your buyer personas.

Hungry for More?

In our next blogs, we’ll talk more about how to create your own buyer personas and where you can get the information you need to complete your templates. Stop back for our next installment or send us a message if you’d like help creating a winning strategy today.


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