Oct 24, 2016

5 Snapchat Content Ideas That Will Get Your Brand Noticed

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5 snapchat content ideas that will get your brand noticed - JJ Social Light - Atlanta GA

As a saavy marketer, you need to be up on the latest trends in marketing and media. Snapchat is exploding and is a platform that marketers can’t ignore in their strategies. Once an obscure and little-known network, Snapchat has over 150 million daily active users. Of these users, almost ¾ are millennials, one of the hottest target groups in marketing because of their sheer purchasing power and consumer demand. This amounts to about 30% of U.S. millennial internet users who use Snapchat on a daily basis. Users who do use it daily are spending at least 30 minutes in the app during the day. In total, Snapchat logs about 9,000 snaps per second and 10 billion daily video views. There’s definitely a reason why you want your content on Snapchat, but you want to do it right. Here are a few great ideas that will enliven and get your Snapchat account noticed.

Snap interviews

Interview pertinent people using this platform. Each snap will be about 10 seconds long and will reflect one question. Basically like a regular interview, your snaps will link together all of the questions and answers you have for your guest. The snap interview could be just tidbits that link to a longer interview on another platform (YouTube, your blog, your website) and you can share the links and invite people to visit you there to see the rest of the interview. You can add stickers and more to your interview to make it that much more fun.

Exclusive content

As in most marketing strategies, personalizing content is the key to gaining loyal followers. Snapchat is such a personal media source and gives you many opportunities to get up close and personal with your audience. Offer them exclusive content like behind-the-scenes info and generate a buzz from your followers. Only offer this content on Snapchat and not your other platforms, as the goal is to grow your audience on Snapchat. If users can get this content on Facebook or your blog, they’ve got no reason to follow your Snapchat feed. Videos are a great way to give your users a quick tidbit of information and leave them wanting more. Again, they can be taken to one of your other platforms to get the full details.

Another way to give them exclusive content is to reveal new products only on Snapchat, or at least give them a sneak preview of what the new product is about, in the short time that you’ll have for your snap. You could add a few more snaps as time goes on, showing more and more of the new product off and piquing the interest of your users.

Valuable content

Off your users content that will give them a reason to open your snaps. Free tips, discounts ,nd coupons are great ways to reel in your audience and get them always opening up your content on Snapchat. They’ll want to see what the next great deal or tip is offering them in terms of value add. With the tips, you could give one tip per snap and then lead the user to your blog or website for the full DIY or story. With the coupons, these could be time-limited (just like Snapchat is) and encourage a user to convert immediately. As well, if they are also exclusive and not just valuable, your user will feel even more enticed to open and click.

Questions and answers

Your users may have questions about your brands and rather than engaging them on other platforms, you can create a very unique way to connect with your customers via Snapchat. Let users contact you for a set period of time on a set schedule. Let them send you questions and take a bit of time to tailor your responses, which will appear as snaps on your Snapchat feed. Always personally acknowledge the person asking the question, which again, adds to the personalization effect that social media users so desire.

Hold a contest

Everyone loves to win stuff and Snapchat has some pretty cool features that can help you run a contest on this platform. Using the drawing function, users can create a doodle based on a theme that you choose. Not only does it get them thinking about your brand, they are actively interacting with it.

Snapchat is definitely a platform that you don’t want to gloss over. Take some time to think about the content ideas presented here and how they can work for your brand.



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