Feb 4, 2021

What You Should Do Immediately After a Customer Interaction

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When a customer interaction comes to a close, your first impulse may be to simply move on. Instead, make it your goal to follow up on every interaction. By taking the time to thank your customers, follow up on any issues, and implement feedback, you can turn any customer interaction into an opportunity for learning and growth.

Say Thank You

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and the same is certainly true of customers. When you have an interaction with a customer, it is worthwhile to show them that you are grateful for them and their patronage. From a simple email or shoutout on social media to points in a reward system, saying thank you to your customers can make a world of difference. Make it your habit to always thank your customers and to build appreciation into the everyday workings of your business. By showing your customers that they are appreciated, you can build relationships and continually improve your business.

Follow Up

It is always a good idea to follow up with your customers, no matter what kind of interaction you had. Responding to a negative review the right way can help your business manage your reputation. By taking the time to respond to negative reviews, you can resolve issues and actually help those reviews to become positive. But it is also a good idea to respond to the good reviews you receive. This will show your customers that you are listening and that you appreciate the input that they are providing. Following up can strengthen bonds and give you a better understanding of how your business is doing.

Think about Implementing Feedback

Of course, you don’t need to do everything that a customer suggests, but often they can provide powerful feedback. If you find that many customers are requesting the same kind of changes or that feedback from a particular customer feels especially useful, it is worthwhile to think about implementing it. This can help your business to work more effectively and it can strengthen your connection with customers as they see that you are listening to them and improving your business.

By taking steps to follow through after talking to customers, you can constantly change your business for the better and improve the impact that you have within your community. Strengthening customer bonds will move you forward as you work towards becoming the best you can be.

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