Dec 22, 2017

5 Stereotypes About Digital Marketing That Aren’t Always True

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The art and science of digital marketing breaks through geographical barriers, opening doors to more significant revenue opportunities. Modern businesses scale to global proportions with the right digital marketing strategies, but as with many marketing trends, myths arise, and people sometimes believe the wrong information.

Digital marketing should prioritize cleverness over utility

This stereotype shows up exceptionally strong in web design. You’ve encountered this issue if you’ve been on a website where you struggled to find the navigation links, or a means to contact the website owner. A site should reflect a business’ visual brand, but not at the expense of ordinary sense or practicality. Make it easy to find relevant information on your website and offer a convenient method of contact, such as a link for users to click to message you.

Digital marketing should be a small portion of a company’s marketing budget

In spite of digital marketing results, some business planners still believe that offline marketing trumps digital marketing. Operating from that belief is a sure way to lose profits. Your online business presence is a source of communication with a growing group of consumers. As more people go online to look for products and learn about businesses, you’ll either get on board with the trend or your business will be left behind.

Any content is king

While it’s true that online consumers crave content, all content is not equal. High-quality content engages potential consumers and positions your business is an authority. All content should add value and speak to the interests of your target market. Less is more if the choice falls between lots of mediocre content or less content of higher quality.

Digital marketing doesn’t apply to little guys

Small to medium-sized businesses should have a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing allows you to micro-niche and focuses your messaging to a precise online target audience. Digital marketing can also be less expensive than offline marketing techniques.

Social media is a waste of time

Social media marketing helps organically grow your business. Social media assists with building brand recognition, consumer engagement, and competitive positioning. Keep in mind that all results cannot be accurately measured solely by sales.

Invest the time to craft a smart digital marketing strategy for your business. Doing so helps you gain new customers, keep customers you already have and expand your reach to a global market.


  1. Robert Seo

    Cleverness and Utility are both so important. We have learned this the hard way! Without both, it is an uphill batter. Thanks for this.

    • Jessica Light

      We all seem to learn the hard way!


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