Aug 24, 2015

How Social Media Helps Your SEO

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Social Media Helps Your SEO

It is every webmasters dream to rank their content high in the search engine results pages, otherwise known as SERPS, but to do so one must consider that they are playing Google’s ball game and therefore must play by their rules. While Google wants content that is unique, original and not plagiarized; they also want content with strong social signals to help them determine where your article should rank in the search engines. Google’s new algorithm factors social signals in when determining where to rank you in the SERPS. This is decided by how popular your content appears in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram.

So after you have created unique content you should focus on sharing it with as many people as you possibly can through as many of the social media outlets that are applicable to your business niche. One incredibly easy way to accomplish this is to add social media sharing buttons to your websites. Many website platforms such as Blogger and Wordpress have social media sharing plug-ins that can easily be added to your blog site with the click of a button. These buttons make it very easy for you and your readers to share content they like with their favorite social media site.

How do you get the social media ball rolling? Well, you have to put the ball in the other person’s court. In this case that court will be in the hands of your followers of your business on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and so on. What is the fastest way to start the sharing process, you ask. If your site is equipped with social media sharing buttons you simply share your content as soon as you have published it with all of the social sites you are a currently a member of. As you have time to join other social media sites you can also share content with them.

But sometimes sharing alone is not enough, you need to do more. Things like adding the first comment to your blog post to spark reader’s engagement is also helpful, but don’t drop the ball here. Readers are looking for engagement from you when they post comments or ask questions, so stay on top of your game and in time you will reap the benefits from this interaction process. One way to get twice the kick from your social media campaigns is to use buttons that require the user to login to Facebook before posting a comment. These comments will show up on both yours and your audience’s timelines, additionally they will show up on your own website. Search engines like Google take note of this and reward your web site accordingly.

So when asked the question, “To Post or Not to Post?” always answer yes. As mentioned earlier some of the more popular sites to share content with are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. While there are other social media sites available that may help boost your SEO, the ones mentioned above are some of the most important ones to consider, so if you are not using them yet, it’s time to get started today.

Now that you see how social media helps your SEO, you may be asking, what content should I share? Pictures are by far some of the most effective content sharing tools used. The main reason for this is because a picture can literally tell a story all by itself and is only further enhanced when an article is shared with it on the social sites.


If you want to improve search engine rankings, you need to share, share and share with as many social media sites as you can, but make sure your sharing campaign is effective by focusing on the ones that yield the best results. If your website is plug-in driven add the social media sharing buttons and start sharing, Go ahead and share older content you’ve written a while back and then focus on sharing as soon as you post a new article to get an immediate boost in the search engines. If your website is not plug-in driven, consult your webmaster and have him or her add them for you. Be sure to respond to any feedback given on your website and in the social media sites to make your content engaging.



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