Aug 31, 2015

How to Promote Your Business on Social Media – Without Annoying People

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How to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Social media presents a great platform to promote your business without having to spend a fortune. Even more important, you have to make sure that you do not annoy people with your brand. This way, the change that you achieve can be built on in the long term and you can create a relationship with the potential customers that you meet. However, achieving this can be sort of a puzzle especially given the fact that you have to be consistent to be heard as you would wish. The good thing is that there are tricks that you can use to make sure you still market your content without becoming a nuisance or being spammy.

Use the right platform for the right audience

You have to sit down and consider who your target audience. This way, you know which social media platform you can use and get heard with ease. For instance, using LinkedIn while you are business is targeting teens will only make things harder for you. Some of the things you should consider when picking the proper sites to use for your marketing and advertising should be to find out which sites are more frequented by your desired audience and also the demographics of each of the channels. You might also want to have strategic paid ads or have to switch channels if you want to get the best results.

Be plentiful and accurate on the profiles

Just like your business profile, there is a lot that a social media profile has to do with your success. It gives the potential customers a chance to know your business and what it is about. You want to create a good rapport with them so make sure that you give plenty of accurate information. Among the things that the profile should not miss include a link to the official business site, appropriate cover and profile photos, contact information and where applicable, appropriate branding could give you some extra exposure. Remember to keep the about section short but clear and with main services that your business has to offer or products.

Use the highest number of channels available

You can never put all your eggs in your basket. As a savvy business you should have learnt this by now. After you have figured out where your target audience lives on social media, it is time to also let them know where and how they can find you. It is best to do this on the official site of the business. Designate an area where you list all of the social media sites where your presence is available and make sure that you make it easy for your audience to find you. It is also a nice touch to have a share button in the event that you have a blog and also keep your customers in the loop by messaging them regularly. However, this has to be moderated by avoiding self-promotion posts each and every time. Have a friendly way of relaying the information. I have a general 80/20 rule, 80% of the time should be spent informing, engaging, entertaining your audience, and 20%of the time selling.

Create an online persona

It is vital to have a tone that reflects your business and how you would like the people you are reaching out to perceive your business. The tone could be playful, serious, educational, a mixture of a couple of tones or if you have any new ideas even better. This allows you to create a brand for yourself that is unique and one the customers can relate to. Just remember to be as polite as possible when relaying information online just as you would if you were speaking to the customer face to face.

Add value to your content and your customers

This to me is the most important, if you want to be successful all your life, you should grow people. It does not have to be financially always but if you can add value to the content that you share, you can reassured you will have your profiles grow in numbers as well as your business. This gives you a chance to create a niche for yourself and show what your company can do. It is also a chance for you to show your customers and audience that you are well versed with the field you are in by sharing some of the recent affairs in the field.

Stories can be the difference

There is no doubt that nothing relates better to people than a story. You could ask your customers to share photos that are related to your brand especially with the use of handles and hashtags. This way you get increased attention without having to spam people’s timelines and profiles with your own posts.

Even though social media has quickly become among the most powerful platforms especially with regards to advertising for business, remaining relevant and cordial to its users has remained to be an elusive achievement for most business. With these tricks, you can be among the few that have managed to unlock the full potential of social media and flourish in it.

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