May 10, 2021

How to Fulfill Customer Orders Faster

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Getting your product into the hands of your customers quickly is a great way to build trust. If someone is ordering your product online, chances are they already trust your business in some way. A slow delivery process can put a damper on an otherwise great company. How can you fulfill orders faster?

Improve the Shipping Process

Hiccups in the shipping process can significantly increase the amount of time a customer’s product sits on the warehouse floor. There could be several reasons why you aren’t able to get the product out, and all of them are within your control.

First, you better get more organized. Oftentimes, a cluttered and confusing warehouse makes it difficult to find the product the customer wants. Second, write down and display how the shipping process should work. This should clear up any confusion your employees might have with the process. It’s a great way to keep things moving—furthering your customers’ satisfaction.

Cut Lead Time

Lead time is referring to the period between when the project is created and shipped out. Some small companies will make their products as soon as they are ordered. While this is practical in saving money and mitigating risk, it also makes for some drastically longer wait times on your products.

If you have a product that won’t expire, you can make your product well in advance of its shipment. Your inventory can then gradually fizzle out and you can start the process over. However, if you have a product that will expire, remain more cautious with the product number you create. Excess inventory is wasteful and can cost your business.

Train Employees Consistently

One of the other reasons your business might have a slower shipping time is because of a lack of employee training. You must be able to monitor (or hire a manager) how your products are being created and shipped. Sometimes flaws in the process are made by inexperienced workers who genuinely want to do a good job.

Hold monthly training meetings where you can resolve employee questions. These can help your workers feel more connected to you. You also can make short, dignified comments about company criticisms so they can be more aware.

As you follow these points, you will be able to help your customers faster. Your shipping service will be looked at with confidence by the consumer and envy by your competitors. It’s time to enhance the relationship with your customers!

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