May 11, 2021

Lead Generation Strategies You May Be Ignoring

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A business that can’t close sales isn’t likely to stay operational for very long. While there are plenty of factors that could be contributing to this issue, one of the reasons may very well be the quality of the leads you’re collecting. There are a lot of lead generation strategies out there that you can use to generate solid leads, including some that you might not be utilizing as effectively as you could be.

Ask Current Customers for Referrals

Stop and think about how many people you know for a moment. Most people have up to 150 casual friends. Now think about how many customers you currently have. If you do the math, that’s a lot of potential business you could be taking advantage of. There’s a pretty good chance that your customers know at least one person who could benefit from the goods and services your business offers. If you aren’t already asking your customers for referrals, that’s a huge untapped resource you’re letting go to waste.


Look at Former Customers

Your current customers aren’t the only ones who can help you generate leads. Remember those customers that you haven’t heard from in a while? It may be time to check in with them to see if you can earn more of their business. CRM software can help you follow up with inactive customers. If you’ve already collected information you can use to contact them, reaching out shouldn’t be difficult. Consider extending an offer or promotion to sweeten the deal and encourage them to come back.



There are multiple benefits blogging can offer your business. From improving the visibility of your website to building your reputation as an authority in your industry, a solid blog with quality content is a powerful tool. It can attract leads to your website and is a perfect place to include high-quality calls to action. If you have some amazing content, consider making the best of it reserved for members only, becoming accessible once they provide you with an email address or some other form of contact information. You can use that to follow up with them and help guide them through the sales conversion process.


When you find lead generation strategies that appear to be working for your business, it’s easy to stick with those and ignore other options, even if they could also be highly beneficial. Asking your current customers for referrals, taking another look at your former customers, and blogging on your website are all viable strategies that can yield positive results. Try using one of these or another lead generation strategy that you aren’t currently investing in to see if one of them can be of benefit to your business.

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