Dec 7, 2022

The Benefits of Great Copywriting

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Copywriting is a staple of any online business. Just take a look at a website, and what do you see?


However, there is a difference (and benefits) between what makes your copy good vs. great!

While good copy offers quality content, excellent copy goes that extra mile by converting the message to your audience in a simplistic, expressive, and creative way.

Good copy may pique a visitor’s interest. But great copy can convert mere curiosity to a lead or sale!

What Can Great Copy Do for You?

Why would you want just good copywriting when you know great copywriting exists?

Not only does great copy become ingrained in a reader’s mind, it effortlessly prompts them to take action, like purchasing on your site.

Great copywriting also can benefit your business in the following ways:

Builds Consumer Relationships

Trust is crucial in building a customer relationship. This can be accomplished by sharing stories, values, and thought points through your website content. An example would be creating and sharing actionable tips that could immediately benefit your consumer’s life, project, or business.

Instantly Informs

Great copywriting explains what you do and/or offer to a potential customer in an easy-to-understand and relatable way. The quicker they comprehend what you offer, the easier it is for them to decide whether your company is the right fit for their needs.

Captures Attention Effortlessly

In this day and age, short attention spans give you little time to capture and engage a new visitor. Great copy will grab their attention quickly and entice them to keep reading. The more time a consumer spends on your site, the more likely they will ultimately click on a CTA (Call To Action) and/or make a purchase.

Delight and Convert Your Audience

When your copy comes across as vibrant and exciting, it shows consumers your brand is filled with energy and creativity and humanizes it. Visitors who relate to you find a closeness to your company through your copy. And when that copy is exciting and persuasive, you are more likely to see them become a new subscriber or customer.

Now that you know some of the benefits copywriting can bring, let’s take a look at a few tips that can help you create great copy.

Copywriting Tips

One mistake many companies make is what they emphasize – features over benefits.

When you receive new visitors to your site, they look for a product and/or a solution to a problem. Yes, you can still add options regarding the features of your company, products, or services, but you want to emphasize what you can offer that will benefit them the most. Showing consumers what you have to offer and how it will improve their lives turns good copy into great copy!

Another way to improve your copy is to create it in the voice of your customer. This means gear your copy towards their frustrations, problems, and what you can do to help resolve that.

You can scan through previous reviews or conduct surveys to determine what specifically consumers are turning to your website. Focus your attention on how you can satisfy their wants and needs and speak to them in their language. This shows them you are on the same wavelength and understand from their level where they are coming from.

The brand style is another area you will want to focus on with your copy. Whether you have one person, a team, or an outside source creating copy, everyone involved in your business should be on the same page regarding your unique brand styling.

This could include the voice and tone you want to project to consumers, which should align with the goals of your content. 

Some sites infuse their copy with humor, while others maintain a serious tone. Creating a document with guidelines for your content writers and creators to follow will keep everyone on the same playing field as you wish. Consistency breeds trust, and that is one goal you want to focus on when building consumer relationships.

When you can create the ability to combine compelling and engaging copy, brand consistency, and solutions to your consumers via their language, just sit back and watch how good copywriting turns extraordinary, and your conversion rates begin to rise!

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