Dec 14, 2022

The Positive Impact More Video Reviews Can Make

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One of the best ways to build trust with your audience is through customer reviews and testimonials.

Now add in the video aspect, and you create authentic experiences for consumers who have already engaged with your business. Video adds value to a review that the written word can’t get through, such as facial expressions and tone of voice.

They are also easy to concentrate on and visually engaging. But you may be asking yourself:

Don’t video reviews involve more work and time?

Though they may take a little longer to create than writing a sentence, they only involve a little more effort.

With advancements in such platforms as Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube, turning on our camera to take a picture or record a video is almost second nature nowadays.

So, how can you get customers to leave more video reviews for your business?

How to Engage Video Over Written Reviews

One of the easiest ways to start collecting more video reviews is to ask for them simply!

Customers value the want of their opinion. They appreciate being invited to share their perspective regarding experiences with your business. Not only does it leave the reviewer feeling satisfied and valued, but it also provides a potential new customer with an authentic view of what they can expect.

Another way to approach video reviews is to provide guidance. This could be in the form of questions or guidelines to follow. Many people find it easier to answer questions than to come up with what to say. You could also offer suggestions like videotaping your product in use or even a “before and after” type of video.

Only some people will feel comfortable submitting a video, especially if they are still deciding what to talk about. So make sure to display all your other video reviews as submitted. This can help promote confidence in those a little shy to create one and give them ideas from watching different videos about what they could include within their own.

Along the lines of questions, you might also introduce an interview format. This will not only strike up a physical conversation but allow the video to be implemented in a structured format. Nerves seem to be eased when customers don’t feel left out in the cold to create a video all on their own.

Now that you have different ways to engage your customer to leave a video review, why would you want to put in that type of effort?

Why Choose Video Over a Written Review?

Video reviews are on the rise. Though written reviews may have their advantages, video reviews do as well:

  1. Video can activate the brain’s emotional centers. Emotions play a pivotal role in deciding whether or not to purchase. Video reviews include a variety of mediums and are not limited to the static medium of text, like written reviews. The best way to pump up an audience or tug at heartstrings is by utilizing the audio and visual dynamics that offer video.
  2. The written word takes interpretation and involves critical thinking – which is time-consuming! Also, people only retain about 20% of what they read compared to about 80% of what they watch! That right there should be a great reason to start advocating for more video reviews.
  3. Videos introduce a human aspect to your brand. If you want to increase a personal connection with your consumers, video is the way to go! Though it may not be yours, a video review will add a human face to your products/services. When your audience can not just read about but see and hear how your company solved the problem of another, it creates a positive vibe in their psyche.

The online business world is fierce! Incorporating video reviews is another way to stay in step with your competition. And the fact is video cannot only build trust in your customer relationships but also provide your audience with those feelings of connection, satisfaction, and value, which is an added cherry on top!


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