Sep 26, 2022

TimeSaver Tips: How to Repurpose Social Media Content

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Content creation can be quite time consuming in brainstorming topics and the actual writing and graphic design.

When you struggle to develop a new idea or find yourself in a continuous time crunch, repurposing content can be an incredible timesaver (and lifesaver)! It is also a creative way to bring attention back to those topics that fared well for you in the past.

On top of that, refreshing older content to adapt to current trends can help to build upon and increase your existing audience.

How Do You Repurpose Content?

You may have had a blog post that was well received previously or even a social media video that went viral. There’s no reason you should leave those posts as a “one and done” in the past.

Browse through your older content and generate a new spin on a particular subject, or repurpose it into a different format and bring an older topic back to life.

So, how might you go about repurposing your content?

Blog Posts

You could use several methods to regenerate a blog post.

  1. Create an eBook. This works especially well if the blog post is longer, part of a series, or includes helpful tips or tricks. You could break down and expand upon each tip, giving it its own chapter. This will serve as a valuable piece of downloadable material.
  2. Create a Video Blog. Take your original written content and create an informative or “How To” video. Repurposing an old blog will allow you to update the material and/or tips initially posted.
  3. Break down your blog posts. Create a series of shorter social media posts, Instagram Reels, or Tweets from an original blog post.

Social Media Posts

Again, there are so many ways you can turn an old post into a fresh concept. Regarding platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, you could create a compilation video on a particular topic you posted about often. You could also build a video collage or expand on a concept and turn it into an up to date written a blog post.

Then there is the tried and true alternative of quotes. You could assemble any number of quotable posts. These are short, sweet, and to the point, and with a creative graphic, quotes are a great resource to grab one’s attention on Instagram and a fun way to pull in your audience on Twitter.

Videos or Reels

Take a previous video or Reel and extract statistical information to create an infographic. Just as not everyone is into reading a blog post, not everyone is into watching continuous videos. Combining the two through an infographic is eye-catching and informative without taking the extra time to comb through an entire article or view a full-length video.


Design a newsletter summarizing your best performing posts, videos, blogs, etc. You could also fashion a summary of new information, repurpose a previous post as a reminder for a sale that is about to end or compile a highlight reel of an activity or event your company participated in.

A few other suggestions might be to:

  • Utilize a video reel and transcribe it into a blog post.
  • Construct a monthly newsletter highlighting one or two posts (or videos) from your social media platforms. This can also serve to reach a wider audience through subscribers.
  • Turn a graphic into a GIF.
  • Repurpose an old post and break it into a question and answer series.
  • Develop a webinar if you have enough material to piece together. Or vice versa, you could break down a webinar into a series of social media shorts or blog posts.
  • You could also do the same with a Live on Instagram or Tik Tok and repurpose that into quotes, infographics, or a question and answer series.
  • Reuse the answers from surveys or polls on your Instagram or Facebook stories and produce a compilation video or post.

Adaptation is Key

Whether you are looking to post original or repurposed content, you want to ensure it is adaptable to each social media platform.

Say you wish to use a particular post across your social media. That is fine, but take the time to make the small changes needed for each to engage that specific audience.

For example, on Facebook, you want to use very few (if any) hashtags, while on Instagram, you will want to utilize more.

A LinkedIn post should look and sound a bit more professional than your Facebook account.

On Twitter, you want to get right to the point. While on Pinterest and Instagram, your focus should be on high quality social media graphics and images.

Knowing the ins and outs of each social media platform will help you attract a larger audience. It may sound like a lot, but only a few minor tweaks are needed from the original post to make it well received, no matter the outlet you post it on.

The possibilities are endless on how to repurpose and update your content. Just let those creative juices flow and play around with different ideas. You’ll be surprised once you get going how much content can be reused in multiple forms, as well as how much time you’ll ultimately save by not having to start each social media post from scratch.


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