Oct 7, 2019

Increase Employee Productivity with These 3 Simple Tips

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The health of your business depends on your employees. When they’re productive, you make money. When they’re not, you lose money. Fortunately, employee productivity is largely determined by factors that are within your control. If you’ve found yourself wishing that you could help your employees increase their levels of productivity, check out these three tips.

Reduce Distractions

Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? Almost everybody has a smartphone, a tablet or some other electronic device nearby at all times. In light of that, it’s not realistic to expect your employees never to take a glance at their phone. However, if this has become problematic, a compromise may be in order.

Instead of asking them never to look at their phone, give them short breaks throughout the day and suggest that they return calls, emails, etc. on at least some of those breaks.

Additionally, encourage them to use some sort of messaging system at work when they’re busy. Let’s face it. Sometimes, people get interrupted by their coworkers who want to chat with people who are working. Even allowing your employees to put up a simple “Do Not Disturb” sign may deter these extra conversations.

Finally, it may be helpful to explain why it’s important for them to pay attention. Some work environments are rife with hazards that make paying attention absolutely necessary.

Make Sure Employees Know What to Do at All Times

Do the people who work for you know exactly what they need to be doing when you’re not around? If you need to leave to take care of a business meeting or meet with a vendor, make certain they’ve got the instructions they need to accomplish what you want them to get done in your absence. Whether you use a shared Google document or a public to-do list, be sure you have some instructions for them to refer to at all times. This is especially important if your workplace requires your employees to adhere to certain safety standards.

Labels, stickers and safety signs are important to have in a workplace. Put these on important company gear and equipment to keep things safe and your production lines running smoothly. 

Improve Workplace Conditions

Ever hear of women feeling more chilly at the office more frequently than their male counterparts? It turns out that the standard office temperature was set in the 1960s and based on the average worker at the time: a 40-year-old, 150-plus pound male.

However, many office environments have many more women nowadays, and not keeping your office at a temperature that’s comfortable for everyone will seriously affect your company’s productivity. Workplace conditions must be ideal for each person who works at your company. You’ll get more productive work out of all of your employees if everyone is comfortable.

Happy and comfortable employees are productive employees. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to make this happen. Even taking simple steps, like changing the temperature or giving employees breaks to return phone messages, can make all the difference in your company’s productivity and, ultimately, its bottom line.

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