Dec 8, 2020

Marketing Mistakes that Brands Need to Stop Making

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A business’s marketing is crucial to its success and profitability. The communication you have with your customers will show them how you feel about their business. A bad marketing choice can have dire consequences for your business—wasting your time and money. It is important you remain aware of common problems, so you know what to avoid.

Not Listening to Consumers

According to McKinsey & Company, ignoring customer feedback in every facet of your business is a great way to lose profit. People like to feel heard. If you are accepting only positive reviews while ignoring legitimately critical ones, your business cannot improve. Neglecting customers who have treated you well can also make your company look bad. Take the initiative in solving problems for all customers.

Your marketing team should be paying attention to trends, with the intent of communicating them with you. Once you have the decisions, you should make them when you realistically can. Customer insight can also help you understand the direction you need to take with your advertising in the future.

Conflating Millennials and Gen Z

It is fairly common in 2020 to assume Millennials and Gen Z are the same group of people. But in doing so, you are neglecting who these groups are and what their interests in the market are. Millennials are actually anyone born between 1981-1996. Many have careers, families, and bigger plans than companies give them credit for.

According to Tattoo Projects, Gen Z consumers are among the most thoughtful and intelligent market segments. Since they grew up immersed in technology, they understand social media practices and care about fair treatment. If you want to sell to a specific group of people, you better understand what that population cares about.

Lacking a Specific Audience

You must have a target audience in mind whenever you are creating a marketing campaign. The target audience gives you focus for writing, designing, and selecting products to advertise. Most online services will ask you who you want to see the ad, and send it accordingly. Without homing in on a demographic, your company boat is rudderless.

Unless you are fine with drifting wherever the free market takes you, consult your team and decide who your campaign is for. If you want to gear towards several groups, you can create an advertisement specific to them.

Marketing is a gradual learning process. But by focusing on your audience, learning from them, and understanding who they are, you will be far less likely to make common blunders. The audience is everything.

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