Oct 27, 2022

The Benefits of a Fully Accessible Website

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When was the last time you checked the accessibility of your website?

Or have you ever?

Website accessibility is crucial in this day and age to enable everyone, including those with difficulties or disabilities, to interact with your site.

Yet website accessibility can benefit those without disabilities, as well as your business itself.

Let’s take a look below at all three of these scenarios.

Website Accessibility Benefits for Those With Disabilities

Though you might initially only think of those who are deaf or deal with auditory challenges, your website should be set up to handle the following difficulties as well:

  • Cognitive – Those who may struggle with reading disabilities benefit from using screen readers. You’ll want to clarify the content language (English, Spanish, etc.), allowing the screen reader to automatically use the appropriate language on your site.
  • Neurological – Avoid flashing animations. Frequencies between 2 and 55 hertz can trigger seizures in those who are susceptible.
  • Physical – Those who struggle with physical disabilities such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Paralysis, etc., may be unable to use a mouse for navigation. Focus on providing keyboard only accessibility – as in ensuring all parts of your website remain accessible strictly through keyboard use only.
  • Visual – For those who struggle with impaired vision or blindness, providing text alternatives to visual content will allow them the use of screen readers to access the content of your site. Also, avoiding the use of color to convey essential information ensures accessibility to those who may be color blind as well. You might also want to look into utilizing high-contrast foreground and background colors instead.

The more accessible you can create your website for those who struggle with disabilities, the larger the audience span you can attain.

Benefits of an Accessible Website For Individuals Without Disabilities

Even those without difficulties can benefit from an accessible website.

For example, not all disabilities are temporary. These fluctuate throughout the population with temporary hearing loss, a broken bone, etc. Making your website completely accessible allows those with temporary disabilities to gain access no matter their current life situation.

Situational environments are another everyday struggle for some. Bright fluorescent lighting or sunlight can make it difficult for some to read, as well as other environments where they may be unable to listen to audio.

With the wide variety of devices now offered (smartwatches, phones, smart TVs, varied screen sizes) and different input modes, accessibility across the board is just as crucial for those without limiting disabilities.

Not only does accessibility allow you to expand your audience reach, but it can also offer advantages to your company.

Accessibility Benefits for Your Business

While the primary goal of increasing website accessibility should be towards the benefit of your audience, increased accessibility can also have company advantages, such as:

Increase Traffic

Making accessibility changes can help with SEO. Your website can rank higher in search engines when you pay close attention to titles, headings, and the layout of your images.

Avoid Legal Action

By law, some countries require your website to meet and maintain specific accessibility standards. Being proactive can protect you from any possible legal ramifications. You may want to check out the link below regarding law and policy resources, as well as other website accessibility related content:  WAI Resources.

Increase Trust

Customers want to know their needs are essential to a company. By raising awareness of accessibility and putting in the effort to implement such changes, you will begin to build a foundation of trust.

Accessibility can also drive innovation and enhance your brand alongside a broader market reach.

The benefits of creating a greater reach of accessibility for both your consumer and business are enormous!

Not only does it showcase you care about every consumer’s needs, but it also allows you to build in the trust factor and increase loyalty to your brand.

Remember, the goal of any website is to keep consumers on it as long as possible. If you have a poorly constructed site with limited accessibility, you are limiting not only your current audience but its expansion of it as well.

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