Jun 24, 2016

5 Ways to Jump Start your Business Online

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When small businesses decide they are ready to expand, the internet is vital to that growth. If a business is entering into this arena for the first time, there are some challenges your company may face. Many small businesses fail to effectively establish an online presence this is largely due to the fact that businesses struggle to overcome the marketing challenges that arise and are created by the immense competition found on the internet.

Through our extensive experience, we have identified the five biggest obstacles small businesses run into when they attempt to make their presence felt online, and how we can help.


  1. Building A High-Quality Multi-Platform Website

This is the most obvious place to begin the process. When a company decides to create an online presence, the first challenge is creating the best website that crosses all platforms. Many small businesses look for professional website designers with the ability to make the sites visually pleasing and easy to navigate. This is extremely important as potential customers will make a decision about your site and product at an initial glance. Design and navigation are just the beginning when it comes to having a high quality website.

The top web designers not only focus on look and function, but they also make sure the website is usable across multiple platforms. With the dawn of smart phones and devices, websites have to be able to be seen on desktops and mobile devices. They also have to meet their purpose of generating leads, gaining clients, and ultimately making money.

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  1. Creating the Right Content

Once the website is created and formatted, the next step is generating valuable content. Beyond first-look, content is what attracts visitors who are looking for and interested in the types of products or services you provide. Knowing the best content to create for your businesses niche industry can present a challenge. Having or working with someone with advanced writing ability is essential, as well is the ability to create video content. As the internet continues to evolve video content has become increasingly important in regard to reaching the wide range of viewers. It can be extremely time consuming and expertise to create the quality content small businesses need, and not all owners have the time, the talent, or the finances to invest in this facet of the business.

Explainer Videos are one great way to showcase your product or service

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up1PHN38s7Y[/embedyt]


  1. Using Social Media to Grow Audience

After the content creation issue is solved, and you start publishing your web content that reflect your audience and your industry, now you must promote that content. Since the onslaught of social media, it has been found that one of the ways to promote this content is through social media networks. For small businesses, the primary goal s of social media is to grow your business, generate leads, and build relationships with your target audience. You have to create post that will hook your audience’s attention.

Being successful at social media means posting often, responding to comments regularly, and monitoring mentions and influencers specific to your industry across the social media platforms that are being utilized. This is a tedious job and it takes time to do. Many small businesses do not have the time to manage their social networks because they have to also be generating income and revenue. As social media is a crucial aspect of getting attention for the company. Get help with posting and monitoring to make sure you are introducing your business to the people who can grow your business the most; future customers.

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  1. Generating New Leads

Every business has to develop a lead generating system. Consumers rarely make a purchase on the first time they are on a website. You have to figure out a way to continue the conversation of purchasing, or at least interest. One way to generate new leads is by giving away something, like access or a subscription in exchange for a phone number for promotional text messages or an email address for product updates or coupons.

When a lead is generated, you know you have found someone to communicate with and one who shares in your values. By guiding your lead through the purchasing process, they then become your customer and play an active role in growing your business.


  1. Leads to Sales

Closing the deal is the last step of the sale process before repeat. Online business, who actually generate their income online, requires a large amount of trust and credibility from buyers. Those who utilize the online marketplace for the exchange of goods and services must make their leads see them as authorities in their industry. Companies that do this find great success in their business.

It is important to remember, leads are not looking to be sold, but they are looking for a trust worthy source and adviser.  If people believe they can learn from you, then they are more likely to trust the product you are selling. Before you know, people will value your products and services and the business will grow and be successful.

There you go, 5 ways to jump start your online presence.  Still confused on where and how to start?  Feel free fill out the form below to get your Free Strategy Session.






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