May 9, 2016

Can an Explainer Video be Beneficial for Your Business?

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Can an Explainer Video be Beneficial for Your Business? - JJ Social Light

Online video content has seen a large boom in growth lately. While there are quite a few reasons why visual, moving content is making a splash in recent years, one obvious purpose this kind of content serves is helping business boost their search rankings. And that’s not all – they’re affordable and provide consumers a dynamic way to explore your products and services.

So in a nutshell? Yes, explainer videos can benefit your business – but let’s look at how.

  • SEO beneficial. When you put up a video to explain your products or services on your website, interested site-goers will stick around to watch. This is great news – Google’s search engine algorithm focuses on how long site visitors stay on your web page as a search ranking indicator.
  • Boosted interest. More Internet users are likely to watch a video than read a lengthy blog post on a subject. Dynamic content generates interest, and over 70% of the Internet uses the web to watch videos online. You do the math.
  • Increased conversion rates. Consumers are 85% more likely to buy a product when they see an explainer video that, well, explains said product. This is an excellent resource for businesses that are just starting out, as explainer videos can give them a huge boost in initial revenue and leads.
  • Enhanced clarity. Sometimes text alone doesn’t accurately explain what you want it to. Have you ever tried to talk to a friend about how to do something and wished you could just show them? Explainer videos are the solution to this problem in the business setting. With a killer script and visuals, you can expand your product clarity with optimum results.
  • Viral potential. While many explainer videos don’t have that special pizazz to go viral, weirder things have happened. Explainer videos from Apple, Dove, Sham Wow and Old Spice have all gone viral, and there’s data to support this has upped their sales numbers dramatically.
  • Attention getting. Getting leads to actually follow through is all about grabbing someone’s attention and getting them to actually convert. Video content can do this via simple videos that explain their product and engage with a customer.
  • Pitches with purpose. Do you have a pitch meeting to go to? Want to try and get your product in a retail store? Instead of just using a boring PowerPoint, try out an explainer video – if it works on the Internet, it will work in a conference room.
  • Information retention. Research has proven that consumers hold onto information better when they’re provided a visual. When consumers hold onto information better, they’re more likely to remember you AND pass on information via word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Higher share. While blogs and pictures have links to tweet and post, videos are more likely to be shared and sent out to mass audiences. This is especially true when you use video hosting services like YouTube in tandem with hosting the content on your own site.
  • More personality. Consumers like to give their loyalty to businesses they like. This is where explainer videos come in – it’s easier to insert personality into a video than try to get your voice across via written content.

This isn’t to say that blogging and picture marketing practices shouldn’t be used. Instead, simply incorporate explainer videos and video content into your already present marketing strategy. You’ll love the results.





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