Jan 12, 2016

6 Reasons Why An Explainer Video Is Important For Your Business

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As a business owner, you always strive at looking for ways that will set you apart from your competitors and increase your sales. One efficient way to help you achieve that goal is the use of an explainer video, which helps people understand the nature of your business, especially those who don’t like reading. You can, therefore, lengthen the attention span on your website by packing the most crucial information a client needs to know about your company into a small and appetizing video. Following are the top reasons why you need to invest in an explainer video.

1) Explainer videos are affordable

Compared to other marketing strategies, these videos are relatively inexpensive. You can consider going for an animated video instead of a real life video that uses models because they tend to be more expensive. All you need to create a remarkable explainer video is a voice-over professional, an animator, and, of course, a good script.

2) Increased conversion rates

Explainer videos help clarify your product, thus making it widely known. Most people get inclined to buy products that they fully understand more than those they know nothing about. In fact, according to a survey previously conducted by Video Rascal, 85 percent of people are more likely to buy a product brought to their attention by an explainer video. With this video, you not only make potential customers feel well-informed but also track the types of products that have the highest sales potential.

3) Better ranking in the search engines

Most internet users use search engines such as Google to look for new goods and services. For you to be successful in online marketing, you must ensure that your business has a high Google search rank. Web sites with a video are more likely to have a higher Google search rank than those packed with block text and images. You can generate tremendous traffic to your site with a magnificent video, and that means that it will be popping up on the first page of Google search as people continue to view it.

4) Your audience gets the chance to retain more information

According to a study done by the Wharton Research Center, an average person only retains about 10 percent of what they hear and around 50 percent of what they see. A video incorporates both hearing and seeing, and thus brings positive impact to your business. Customers understand your product better since a video can be made to be entertaining and engaging.

5) An explainer video is your perfect pitch

These videos come in handy, especially if your business concept is complex. A good explainer can effortlessly convey the message that you want to reach to your audience in a fun and entertaining way. This way, you can capture their attention and convert them to potential leads.

6) They are easy to share

Sharing a video is much easier than a text web page. You can choose to attach it to an email newsletter, share it on Twitter and Facebook or upload it to a free video hosting site like YouTube. Most importantly, your audience can access your videos through the video hosting sites with their smartphones while on the go, or if your site is inaccessible via a handset.

These are some of the benefits that prove to you that explainer videos are an effective marketing strategy. Ensure that you leverage this opportunity to advertise yourself and spread your name across the social media and beyond.



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