Dec 15, 2015

A Social Media Approach Every Small Business Should Be Using

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Social Media Marketing Approach

There are a number of small businesses that are currently wondering how to use social media in order to connect with their online presence. There are a number of proven benefits for small businesses once they have established an online presence that is solid. Therefore, the following steps will help any small business owner grow their business via the extension of their reach.

Build a Reputation that is Credible

The use of social media can help in regards to the establishing of a reputation as well as a name which will lead to a business being able to build authority within their respective industry. From conversation to content, becoming involved is the key starting point. This is not as overwhelming as it may seem to those that are new to the world of social media marketing.

In order to do this successfully, it is imperative that you pay close attention to what your clients, followers and fans are saying in reference to your business. This will allow the ideal opportunity to interject yourself into the conversation. Be certain to respond with timely information or comments that will be viewed as helpful and insightful.

Attract Potential Clients

In the world of business, there is an abundant amount of competition for attention. A great strategy for standing out is the attracting potential clients is the combination of creativity and strategy. Social media provides for the perfect tool for assisting a small business in such an endeavor.

Potential clients can be gathered across a variant of social media platforms that include the following: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Once you have uncovered your target audience, it will become fairly simple to craft a message enticing them. It is best to keep firmly in mind that this is NOT the time to become promotional or spammy with your audience. Offer insight that shows them that you are more than capable of delivering them what they need and more.

Connect with Business Professionals Like Yourself

In regards to the online world, relationships are key and highly needed. Social media is an excellent platform for connecting with professionals that are likeminded for the building of mutually beneficial relationships. Even with that being said, just as with all things in life, there is a right and a wrong way to do connect.

The very best way to accomplish this is to strategically reach out to people within your professional niche, community or industry. At all costs, you should avoid sending out requests or extended direct messages (DMs) to simply add numbers to your virtual rolodex.

Social platforms such as LinkedIn offer great opportunities for connections with people within your respective industry. This is also a platform that will allow you to create and cement authentic professional relationships and bonds.

Make Both Time and Money Count

Set a schedule for your social network interactions. Do not fall into the trap of spending far too much time online dedicated to a singular platform. Granted, this is pretty easy to do, but it can be avoided. It is highly imperative that you determine and set a streamlined social media strategy with simplified daily “to-do lists”.

It is important that neither time nor money is wasted in the pursuit of garnering a social media presence. To guarantee that this does not happen, the following should be adhered to:

  • Clearly define goals
  • create a method of standing out online
  • do your research
  • develop an integrated strategy
  • measure and track your success and progress
  • translate your established business from the real world into the virtual world

Drive Traffic to your Blog and/or Website

With small businesses, the content contained on a blog and a website are the true backbone of your presence online. There are some business owners that do not believe that blogging is a proper marketing solution for them. What they are overlooking is the fact that blogging drives increased amounts of traffic to a company’s website.

Additionally, the content that is provided via a blog an assist a company in the following ways:

  • establish the business as a leader within their respective industry
  • the building of credibility with potential clientele
  • an decrease in marketing costs via an integrated marketing strategy
  • the proper generation of leads for a company’s sales funnel

What is your biggest struggle navigating the muddy social waters? Feel free to comment below.




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