Nov 19, 2015

How A Social Media Manager Can Help With Your Business Facebook’s Algorithm

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Believe it or not, there are people who get paid to browse Facebook all day long! Aside from scrolling through News Feeds, rating pages and providing feedback, they also think of ways on how users can comment, like and share content even more.

All these tasks combine together to assist how Facebook works in delivering timely and relevant content straight to your business profile’s News Feed. Why is the Facebook algorithm so important, and why should you hire a social media manager to engage and draw in more audiences?

The Factors That Make Up Facebook’s Algorithm

Facebook’s News Feed is perhaps the most important part of Facebook, and the company strives to engage more users by providing you stories and content that you find most important. How does a particular post show up in a user’s feed?

Facebook says that it uses roughly 5 major factors as a simplification of what gets sent to a user’s News Feed, and they are the following:


Thinking of it from a business point of view is one way to draw in your target audiences. Ask the question- What does your audience want to see? Simply posting sales messages or pictures doesn’t work as well as crafting something interesting for your audience. Follow the golden rule of social media- 80% of what you put should be for your audience, with the remaining 20% for your own.


How does one post get more mileage than others? Review each post and see which is more popular, and which ones get more interaction in the number of comments. The more likes and more comments, the better the post ranking. It takes a good, practiced eye to see what topics and content are trending- follow it up with related updates and sudden interest changes.


The creator is the one who manages the content and posts updates regularly. A social media manager can bring so much more to your business page by knowing what and when to post, why a post is better than others and how the post helps the business gain a greater audience. A great creator can extend your company’s reach and set the tone for any future updates.


Answers the question “What kind of content should you post?”. There are a lot of medium that you can upload to Facebook- text, images, and videos are the most common ones. Each content type works differently: studies conclude that pictures gain 179% more interaction among the community, videos average around 90 shares per post and are leading the most shared type of posts on Facebook. Posts with around 150 to 200 characters are optimal, as they can lead to more than 230 shares per post. Updates with an open-ended question get 162% more comments, and posts that lead to longer content gain 40% more interaction than those who lead to shorter content.


Much like food, fresher is better when it comes to posts! Catching the time when Facebook users are online leads to more engagement and interaction. Updates that are sent out between 10 to 11pm EST attracts 88% more comments, while posting on a Sunday gets you more likes and shares than any other day. Many business pages think that more posts equal more interaction, but that is not always the case. The magic number of posts per day is 2- any more than that and you risk a decrease in shares, comments and likes.

Hiring a social media manager takes care of all these factors, plus their expertise and social media knowledge puts your business at an edge when posting relevant and engaging updates. They help your business reach out to your target audiences and be seen where it truly matters.

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